HARDWARIO Playground

HARDWARIO Playground is free Windows, macOS and Linux software that enables you to:

  • Flash firmware to Core Module

  • Manage wireless network with Radio Dongle and nodes

  • Create programs with visual programming in the Node-RED

  • Visualize measured values and control nodes with Dashboard

Download HARDWARIO Playground

Use HARDWARIO Playground download page which always have the links of the latest version.

Builds are also in github releases.


If you like videotutorials, you can watch quick guide to the HARDWARIO Playground in 5 videos. They explain flashing, pairing, Dasboard, Node-RED and Blynk phone integration.

Using HARDWARIO Playground


Home will display Quick Start tutorial webpage.


On this tab you connect to the Radio Dongle. Choose the Radio Dongle (bc-usb-dongle) from the list and click Connect

Please see the Troubleshooting section if you cannot see connected Radio Dongle.

After connecting to the Radio Dongle you could see all the paired wireless nodes. The node alias is later used in MQTT message topic (node/climate-monitor:0/..), so change it only when you know what are you doing.

Pairing new modules:

  1. Disconnect power from the wireless node (remove batteries or Battery Module, disconnect USB cable, remove DC jack from Power Module)

  2. Click on the Start pairing button

  3. Apply power to the wireless module

  4. Click Stop pairing when you pair all the modules


This tab is the Node-RED visual programming tool. See the Projects how to use this visual programming tool.


Here you can display gauges, graphs, buttons and other widgets. See the Projects how to use Dasboard.


Here you can see all the messages from wireless nodes. You can copy the topics to clipboard and use them in Node-RED in the topic textbox.


This tab allows you to flash pre-compiled firmwares for all HARDWARIO projects from out GitHub. List of firmwares is downloaded automatically. Choose the firmware or start typing to find project you like to try. You can also flash binary or HEX file from your computer.

Always make sure you are flashing the right Device, usually bc-core-module. If you would like to update Radio Dongle, disconnect it first in the Devices tab.


Cannot find the Radio Dongle or Core Module in the device list

  • On Windows 7 and macOS please install the FTDI VCP drivers

  • On Ubuntu you need to be in dialout user group. Please use command sudo usermod -a -G dialout $USER and restart computer

  • HARDWARIO Playground cannot flash older Core Module Revision 1. Please use the bcftool. See version comparison

If cannot find Radio Dongle in the device list on macOS Mojave try to uninstall FTDI VCP driver from manufacturer. Driver AppleFTDI should resolve the problem.