About Sensor Module

The Sensor Module features up-to four universal inputs or outputs on a pluggable terminal block with 1-Wire bus mastersupport. The terminals can be used as both analog and digital input/output. For example you can connect various external digital, analog or resistive sensors. Also, you can communicate with other devices on a 1-Wire bus.

The two terminals - A on the left, B on the right - are connected to the BigClown header signals P4/A4/DAC0 and P5/A5/DAC1.

The C pin is in default configuration connected also to the ground GND. It is possible to remove zero-ohm resistor R20 and solder it to the place R21. This way the C signal is directly connected to P7 and can be used as extra input.

The VCC middle pin is possible to control by software. You can enable 3 V on this pin.


Configurable terminal modes:

  • Analog input or output

  • Digital input or output

  • Pull-up resistor none/4.7 kΩ/56 Ω

Examples interfaces:

  • Digital temperature sensor on a 1-Wire bus (DS18B20)

  • Resistance temperature sensor (Pt 100, Pt 1000, etc.)

  • Analogue temperature sensor (LM35, TMP37, etc.)

  • NTC temperature sensor

  • Control of digital 1-Wire relay block

  • Button or any type of switch

  • Voltage measurement

  • Plug-in 4-pin screw terminal block

  • Operating voltage range: 1.65 V to 5.5 V

  • Operating temperature range: -20 to 70 °C

  • Dimensions: 33 x 55 mm


Firmware Projects

1-Wire Connection

This connection is used for Soil Moisture Sensor, DS18B20 Temperature Sensor or Denkovi 1-Wire Relay

Buttons, Magnetic Switches, Phototransistors

This connection is used for example in Radio Door Sensor project.


You can connect 3 LEDs in default configuration. (Or up-to 4 LEDs in case of channel C rewiring). Every LED has to have a resistor in series. All cathodes are connected to the GND pin. The channels A and B are controlled directly by setting pins P4, P5 high by using bc_gpio functions. The third LED connected to the VDD is controlled by bc_module_sensor_set_vdd function.


Potentiometers are connected between VDD and GND. It is needed that VDD output is powered on by bc_module_sensor_set_vdd function. Then by using bc_adc you can read analog values from pins P4, P5.