LoRa 1-Wire Thermometer

With this kit, you can measure temperatures with a single or multiple connected DS18B20 or DS18S20 temperature sensors. Then the values are sent wirelessly to the LoRa gateway.

You can use community The Things Network to receive the data.

What You Will Need

Firmware Upload

Step 1: Download the latest BigClown Playground

Step 2: Connect the Core Module to your computer.

Step 3: In Playground, go to the Firmware tab, select bcf-lora-1wire-thermometerand flash the firmware.

Step 4: After upload, the red LED on the Core Module will turn on for 2 seconds, then it will turn off.

LoRa Configuration

For configuring the LoRa keys please follow LoRa AT Commands Configuration tutorial.

Transmitting the data

The LoRa Climate Monitor sends a LoRa packet when:

  • After power-up, when the batteries are inserted

  • Every 15 minutes when the measure values are the same

  • After pressing the button

  • When you type AT$SEND to the console

Reading the Data

The data are encoded in the LoRa message. You need to extract the right bits to get the values back. This is explained in the README.md file. You can also use the decode.pypython script in the repository.

You can pass the received HEX string as a parameter for the decode.py:

>>> python3 decode.py 001D00E600E8012200E500D600E5
Header : BOOT
Voltage : 2.9
Sensor 0 : 23.0
Sensor 1 : 23.2
Sensor 2 : 29.0
Sensor 3 : 22.9
Sensor 4 : 21.4
Sensor 5 : 22.9